After decades of running my own businesses and community projects, I have learned the practical value of having the right kind of support at the exact moments it’s needed. I’ve also learned the difficulties and costs of not having the right match for my team. I know that it matters to work with people who can meet me where I am, grasp the big picture, and quickly identify the next steps – and, at the same time, listen and adapt as needed.


Aunia is a genuine pleasure to work with. Her understanding of visual impact and elegant design made a website I still receive compliments on. I know that I can rely on her ability to be direct, poised, and focused. She is responsive and skillful, with an exceptional understanding of how to leverage my digital presence to create a successful business.


We are in a time that asks each of us to come forward with our gifts and, for many of us, that is through entrepreneurial vision. Two things I know about that: 1. Nobody can or should do it alone; and 2. Everyone should have the kind of support and care that Aunia brings to the table.


Elizabeth Russell, Dreamfruit/Be Space

Aunia has been one of my favorite people to work with when it comes to growing my brand. Her business and creative sense came together to create a beautiful and functional website that for the first time I can happily say I am proud of. She goes the extra mile and is reliable and trustworthy. Her no BS approach is refreshing and keeps me focused on the sometimes challenging aspects of creating a website that will represent my brand.


Georgiana Kovel, Millions of Women Strong


Aunia has a plethora of skills-website building, social media know-how, and back-end IT tools, to name a few-to help you build your business, your brand or your product. She is adept at listening and hones in tight to your vision. She comes equipped with current skills, creativity and intuition. I highly recommend her!


Lisa DiLuna, LMT


I absolutely loved the design Aunia created for our holistic event. She is very intuitive, listens to her clientele, and delivers as promised. It was a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks again Aunia we have receive such amazing feedback on our flyer.


Erika Gonzalez, Awakening Market