Over the last 20 years, Aunia Kahn has worked in the web/graphic design, media and marketing industry assisting small businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs launch, nurture, and maintenance of their business. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, herself, she recognizes the complexities and overwhelms that can come managing your own business. Her goal is to support her clients and colleagues so that they may flourish while evolving their businesses or careers. Get in contact with Aunia, so that she can help you manifest your dream into reality or to expand your current dream!


Services Offered Include: Logo & Branding, Website Building & Design, Website Hosting, Graphic Design, Print & Promotional Materials, Business Card, Brochures, Signs, Marketing Materials, Marketing Strategies, Product Photograph, Headshots, Videography, Social Networking, Marketing, Email Marketing, Publishing, Biographies, Problem Solving, Working Through Creative Blocks, Computer & Technical Support, Getting Into Publications, Conflict Resolution, Legal Issues, Resumes, etc!

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Over the last 5 years, Richard the Dog has been one of the best assistants that Aunia has worked with. Richard is always on time, he is kind and thoughtful and loves his job! In his spare time he enjoyed yoga – especially the downward facing dog pose.


Services Offered Include: Smiles, Laughs, Dog Kisses, Unwavering Joy, Love, Support, Kindness and Furry Clothing.

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