Tarot Card of the Day: Page of Wands

What a great day to tap into your ideas and inspiration! Has there been something you have been putting off or something you might be afraid to start because you might fail? So what! Change the way you use language to help move forward in the direction of your inspiration. No one ‘fails’ it’s a matter of perception, our own negative perception. You only ‘fail’ if you think you do…. time to think of it as a ‘reboot’ a chance to look over where you can make changes to create what you feel is a ‘success’. Don’t get caught up in trying to make everything a success, take the time to carry that torch of inspiration and enjoy each step of the journey. It’s cliche, but you only live once. Don’t live in the ‘what could be’, live in the NOW. You will be much happier for it! 

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