Auxilium Haus’s Mission

A “Haus” of Infinite Possibilities….


Auxilium Haus is an innovative multidisciplinary company using its distinctive inner-framework to embolden experiences of evolution, learning, and illumination within the arenas of creativity and metaphysics. Auxilium is a Latin word meaning to help, tribute or to aid. Through the deep and otherworldly collaboration of Aunia Kahn and M de Vena, Auxilium Haus was formed.


Our unique inner-framework mixes architecture, art, design, publishing, healing, nature and metaphysics. Our space embodies various ongoing projects and subprojects while also offering opportunities to the community.


Aunia Kahn & M de Vena


A mutual admiration for art, music, photography, symbolism, poetry, nature, psychology and esoteric studies cultivated the perfect soil to nurture the seed of a budding relationship between two fiercely creative human beings. Over years, the seed was watered and fed with projects, sharing of knowledge, the humming of music and various endeavors both together and individually. These two vastly different beings came to understand that they shared their very own language, like that of twins or divinely connected souls.


The little seed was tucked securely in the soil of dreams and with care and love the seedling flowered into the most beautiful Victorian style roses which now resides in the elegant garden at Auxilium Haus. As new roses bloom, each will later crumble into dust falling away to the earth as new buds peer out into the world to wish the others farewell.


The connection and collaboration is every changing. Light and darkness, joy and pain, breath and smoke, life and afterlife are all explored through this connection and collaboration. A journey of ebb and flow which mirrors of the moon; which not only moves through cycles but illuminates the journey of connectivity and sharing.