Happy Super Snow Full Moon in Virgo

Such a good time to work on healing things that are conscious and unconscious by really tuning in. This Full Moon is fully willing to illuminate the places that are causing stress and bringing things to the surface that need to be addressed. Aries asks

Rescued Art 7: Sussey “Unknown”

Artist: SusseyTitle: UntitledSize: 11″ x 14″Date: 1967Medium: Graphite on Paper For more information or purchase inquiries please email us at: info@auxiliumhaus.com

Winter Solstice Blessing

We are honored to present to you are Winter Solstice Blessing & Artwork Collaboration. With this being the longest day of the year with the hope of new light to come – we were inspired to create this offering. -Aunia & M de Vena

Monthly Tarot: Dec 2018

Monthly Card: The World It’s the end of 2018. What comes to mind when someone says “You have the world in your hands”? “The World” card is a signal letting you know that you are coming to an end of a cycle. You made it! With

Rescued Art 15: Carol Weiss “Unknown”

Artist: Carol WeissTitle: UntitledSize: 5″ x 7″, Framed: 8″ x 11″Date: UnknownMedium: Oil on Paper BiographyCarol Weiss’ soft, impressionistic oil paintings of landscapes and flowers are inspired by the area around her home on a beautiful river in Wisconsin, and by her travels through the English countryside. Emphasizing the harmony and patterns of

Rescued Art 18: Lucy Warnick “Untitled”

Artist: Lucy WarnickTitle: UntitledSize: 9″ x 6″Date: UnknownMedium: Oil on Canvas Artist StatementI love painting the natural world. My focus is light, movement and color whether my subject is landscape, still life, the figure, or abstraction. Long days spent in new or familiar places fuel my imagination. In my studio I begin

Tarot Card of the Day: 5 of Cups

Deck: Paulina Tarot In life we experience numerous losses. Some losses are minor and easily forgettable, yet other losses leave a greater impact and don’t leave our hearts or minds – ever. ? If you are being impacted by a loss that feels heavy to you, take heart.