Tarot is Not a Trend

For the first time in 50 years we are witnessing a resurgence of interest in tarot, a dramatic increase of sale on Amazon, Etsy,Kickstarter, Ebay, etc. and newly designed and curated decks are sprouting up in a spring-like fashion, budding like untamed weeds everywhere from fertile soil to

Changing the World One Starfish at a Time. Our Unsung Heroes.

not mean it’s not possible or important to do so! It takes effort, tenacity, empathy, hope and a wiliness to go against the current and ruffle a few feathers along the way. Often when reflecting on people who have changed the world, iconic figures come

Rescued Art 19: Bruce-Pitcairn-Strachan “Drinking Pale”

Artist: Bruce Pitcairn StrachanTitle: UntitledSize: 9″ x 11″, Framed: 13″ x 16″Date: 1973Medium: Oil/Acrylic on Panel BiographyBruce PITCAIRN STRACHAN (1931-2011) was a painter, pianist, writer, actor, and dancer. Born April 23, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the second of three children and the eldest son of Engineer John E. (Jack) Strachan, Jr. and writer Margaret (Peg) Pitcairn

Mercury Retrograde

It’s officially #mercuryretrograde at 29 degrees of #Pisces . Mercury Retrograde is often frowned upon, however, I see it as an auspicious time for to review, renew, refocus, reset – a necessary time for recalibration. If always in forward movement, how are we able to reflect on our lives

Happy Super Snow Full Moon in Virgo

Such a good time to work on healing things that are conscious and unconscious by really tuning in. This Full Moon is fully willing to illuminate the places that are causing stress and bringing things to the surface that need to be addressed. Aries asks

Rescued Art 7: Sussey “Unknown”

Artist: SusseyTitle: UntitledSize: 11″ x 14″Date: 1967Medium: Graphite on Paper For more information or purchase inquiries please email us at: info@auxiliumhaus.com

Winter Solstice Blessing

We are honored to present to you are Winter Solstice Blessing & Artwork Collaboration. With this being the longest day of the year with the hope of new light to come – we were inspired to create this offering. -Aunia & M de Vena