Flower, Blue & Full Moon in Scorpio – May 18, 2019

Happy Full (Flower, Blue) Moon in Scorpio. This full moon is creating a buzz and there are some really big changes afoot. The focus on how you are feeling with where you are on your journey has become apparent over the last few months and you have been feeling

Tarot Card of the Day: Queen of Cups

Today, with all the political and social upheaval, I asked for the cards to help guide the collective conscious and unconscious.The “Queen of Cups” was pulled today as a reminder that we all have emotions no matter if we wish to run from them, deny

Rescued Art 20: Emilie-Touraine “Dino”

Artist: Emilie TouraineTitle: DinoSize: 3″ x 5″, Framed: 6″ x 7″Date: 1966Medium: Oil on Panel What We LearnedNew Mexican Artist Emilie Touraine was born in 1939. This wonderful painting strays away from her more traditional Southwestern painting style. “Dino” was painted in 1969 and Emilie Touraine was also a brief girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix. Biography(Born 1939) The daughter of