Episode 14: How Small Businesses Stay Connected During Covid

Written by Aunia Kahn

You have ideas – I would love to make them a reality! With over 20 years of experience in the website/graphic design, branding, and marketing industry I can assist small businesses and enthusiastic entrepreneurs launch, nurture and grow their business.

In this episode, we talk about 5 ways small businesses can stay connected during covid. Through the unexpected and challenging times of Covid, it can be difficult to connect and feel a sense of community – so we have some suggestions to help you stay connected! Join us in this episode as we explore the hidden opportunities and abundant choices to help nourish our communities as well as our businesses within them so we may maintain connections that will encourage growth and unity in the communities in which we live.

1. Join Facebook Groups & Why
2. Local Online Meetups
3. Build Own Community
4. Reach Out To Previous Cleints – Referral Bonus
5. Social Media

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Reciprocity and conenction is so important to a successful business!



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