As a self-taught and internationally exhibited and awarded figurative artist, photographer, curator, published author, creative entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Aunia Kahn now offers a 1-on-1 Creative Coaching ProgramShe has over 20 years of experience in web and graphic design, as well as an extensive background in social networking and marketing strategies. As both an artist and author, she has been published by numerous publishing houses including: Schiffer Publishing, OldLine Publishing & Desperanto


Her extensive background also includes music and video production, and knowledge of legalities dealing with copyright, contracts, insurance, and liability. Using skills she has attained from a wide variety of creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, she brings to the table helpful and thoughtful information to help you Manifest Your Dreams. If what you’re looking for guidance that is focused directly on you and your career, then Creative Coaching Program might be for you! Coaching can be done over the phone, Skype or Email.


Gallery Submissions, Improving Technique, Problem Solving, Schooling Decisions, Websites, Marketing Materials, Marketing Strategies, Artwork Submissions, Framing, Working Through Creative Blocks, Getting Into Publications, Conflict Resolution, Legal Issues, Resumes, Artist Statements, Social Networking, Publishing, etc.