Happy Ishtar: The Empress

Happy Ishtar. 🐰🐥 Happy April. 🌸

Today is a beautiful day to start planning for the new spring month – April. With the Full Moon last night, ask yourself what in your life is not serving you? Is there anything you need to remove or banish? Do you need to do some spring cleaning, have a couple (or 500) messy drawers/closets, need to finish your taxes, in a relationship that is more hurtful than helpful?

This is a fantastic time to take inventory before the next New Moon – April 15th when you will start to plant seeds.

Today’s Card is the Empress, #3 – A beautiful representation of the moon phases or Maiden, Mother, Crone Energies. The Empress has to clean her garden to be able to start planing/planting for the new season. Go clean your garden – whatever your garden is! 💐🌼

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